{7QuickTakes}Weekly Mishmash: Tax Day Edition

Happy Tax Day!  Head on over to Kelly’s for more fun.


Yes, we filed our taxes on time.  Pfew!


We usually get a refund from federal, but almost always have to pay into state.


I wrote the check out incorrectly for the taxes we owed the state.  Little tidbit: if you accidentally do not match the numeric amount to the long-written-out amount, the bank will cash the check for the long-written-out amount.  I am glad I caught it before taxes were due – I sent in the hundred extra dollars I had “forgotten” because I wrote the check out incorrectly!  (Six hundred and 97/100 dollars is not the same as $697.00)


Being an adult during tax season is fun. Particularly when you get to spend your tax return on…..wait for it….paying off debt.  Super fun.


I was really excited we could add baby Evvie as an exemption this year.


I would give to charity regardless of whether it can be counted toward exemptions.  The exemptions are nice, but mainly it just feels good.


Tax goal going forward: Set up and contribute to a Roth IRA.  They have great tax benefits and padding the retirement nest is never a bad idea.

Wishing you all a blessed and prosperous April the Fifteenth!  Enjoy!