Welcome!  I am Rebecca, a young-ish (really!  mid-thirties are the new early twenties, right?) wife, mother, writer and home executive.  Midwestern transplant to Idaho, land of potatoes and engineers (hubby is one!)  (…engineer, that is…not potato).  Proponent of big families.(Mommy to four.  Sister to seven.)  Constantly trying to make sense out of this crazy life – and desperately seeking beauty in the diaper changes, my crazy filthy house, fighting children, and hours spent in the car improving my kids chances of college scholarships (i.e. “activities”).  Trying to trust in God always, believe in good things, and fight the depression that has dogged me much of my life.  Passionate about literature, architecture, travel and history.  Aficionado of pearls, diamonds, and the impeccable style of Grace Kelly.  Attemptant DIY-er. Coffee fanatic and wine lover.  Revert to Catholicism.  Recovering perfectionist.  Thanks for coming on this journey with me:-)


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