{7 Quick Takes}Weekly Mishmash, Vol. 10

We’re into October…already?  with these 7 Quick Takes!  Log in to Kelly’s to see what everyone else is up to!


It is Pumpkin Spice season!  I confess I am an addict of Starbucks’ PSL.  However, this is only the fault of my local grocery stores not selling Pumpkin Spice syrup.  Because if they did, I would be able to make my own at home.  But they don’t, so I can’t.  So if you find me running to Starbucks daily to get my fix, I blame it on Albertson’s.



If you are the parent of the children who live next door, I heartily apologize for what I am about to say.  Well, kind-of.  Your 5-year-old daughter rings our door bell at all hours of the evening.  Like especially during dinner time (and if we decide to “ignore it” she will continue to ring that bell six or seven more times) and 9 at night.  We don’t mind little Sophia coming over once in awhile, but us setting boundaries for her does not seem to be working.  If we say, “please come back later” – she will wait 5 minutes and ring our bell again.  If we say, “we are busy, please go home,” she asks us what we are doing that could be possibly more important than letting her play.  If we announce, “It is 8 and we are getting the kids ready for bed” she wants to know why our kids go to bed so early!  So, anyhow, Sophia’s parent, it would be nice if you could maybe talk to her about that.  Like maybe only let her come ring our doorbell between the hours of 6:30 and 7:30 and maybe only on weekends?  Because I would definitely come over to talk to you, but your pit bull you leave chained up in your front yard seems to have taken a dislike to me, as it barks and growls angrily when I go get my mail and for some reason I am a little nervous!


School fundraisers.  Well, fundraisers in general.  I hate them!  And my elementary kids come home and give me the forms and give me a guilt trip about how they really really want to win that iPod or that trip or that pizza party if they sell the most.  So could I please please please help them achieve these goals?  I hate bugging my friends to buy stuff.  And my kids won’t bug my friends to buy stuff.  And I refuse to have Hubby take this stuff to work, it just seems weird to me.  So last year I just bought all the raffle tickets my kids were tasked with selling myself for the school carnival.  And surprisingly enough, Bellie ended up winning for “Top Seller” in her class.  I had to laugh.  This year I think I will just do the same thing, buy up $50 worth or so of raffle tickets and chalk it up to a donation.  I would so much rather donate than fundraise!


“Pretend” school update:  It is going rather well.  I think the main thing I have been focusing on is just to stay positive and not get too intense.  Also, being a little flexible about the schedule.  Spike thrives on a)storytime b)crafts and c)songs.  So I try to teach him his letters, his letter sounds, and a religious lesson while bookending it very strongly with stories, crafts, and songs.  Plus, today I decided to do the coloring pages I had earmarked for “C” along with him and that was surprisingly relaxing and fun!  Anyhow, we’ll just keep on keeping on with that.





You know when you are eating a graham cracker, and you love it so much you go “A-mmmm.  A-ummmm.”? And then you climb on the table, grab your sippy cup and say,”Tank-UUUU Mommy!”?  That’s just one of the fun things 1/4 of my kids do while I am trying to blog.


Wake me when the election is over.  That is all.


Have a great week!




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