Oregon: Part Deux

Continuing with our exciting Oregon coast report…


One of them was terrified by the waves, the other three were enraptured by the wet sand.


We reached the Pacific at the northern part of the state, near Seaside, and drove to Del Rey Beach.  We were able to drive right out onto the sand.  It was fairly overcast, but still warm enough (the kids said) to run into the surf fully clothed!?!?  I don’t know if 64 degrees F is my idea of swimming weather, but they had great fun.  Just being able to play in the sand was a fabulous experience for them.


Sand Angels are JUST like snow angels, just a little bit grittier.

Evvie HATED the waves!  She wouldn’t let me put her down for about an hour.  And then when I did, she just ran around screaming.  Eventually, though, she figured out that sand is kind-of fun to play with and she got in on the action, too.

It was fun to see the little jellyfish washed up by the waves.  They looked just like little bubbles on the sand.  We also saw a few different types of crabs, and different species of seagulls (which I didn’t realize existed – I thought they were all alike).


We camped here two nights.  It was a super-nice campground with awesome bike trails that were easy for kids.  The first night we went to see the Peter Iredale shipwreck that was nearby.  We had watched the movie Goonies just before leaving on our trip, so the kids were really curious about where the pirate ship was with all the gold.  And also a little nervous about those sneaky bad guys and the skeletons.


At the beach with the Peter Iredale.  No pirates in sight!


What a gorgeous town!  I wish we could have spent more time there, but we really only had time to visit the Columbia River Maritime Museum.  I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibits, which were all about the coast’s relationship with fishing and shipping and exploration.  They also had a great exhibit for the kids about the Coast Guard and how they rescue people.  The kids got to climb in the rescue rafts and even try on a survival suit which would keep you warm and toasty if you were to spend a long time in frigid water.

We drove by the Old Jail that features in the opening scenes of Goonies.  It is now the Oregon Film Museum.  I hope that next time we’ll have time to stop and visit!


Loved the rainforest!  The ferns were my favorites.


We finally found a place to park with our little trailer near the overlook for Cannon Beach.  We had heard the tide pools down at Indian Beach in Ecola State Park were pretty good, so we thought a short hike down to the beach would be an OK proposition.  (Apparently the parking lot down at Indian Beach was full).  So we started pushing our stroller up the trail until we realized that the trail followed a narrow cliff-drop-off on one side.  Our stroller was too big and I didn’t relish the idea of the kids (or me) falling down the precipice to the rocky shore cliffs.  So we turned around.  We would look for tide pools elsewhere.  The walk up until that point was really pretty.  And the view of Haystack rock was gorgeous from the picnic area.


This was a super-fun stop a few miles down the coast.  We get Tillamook dairy products in Idaho, and it was really fun to see where they make and package them for distribution!

While there, we got ice cream (Huckleberry is my favorite flavor!) and did a free self-guided tour of their cheese plant.  We all found it really interesting.

This video can give you a little glimpse of what we learned.



The sea lions were cool, the kids enjoyed the cave…a little spendy, but worth it for us.


I think this was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip.  After we went to visit the Sea Lion caves in the morning, we drove a short way north to the Heceta Head Lighthouse State Scenic Viewpoint.

We just spent the whole afternoon there, had a picnic, and then the kids played in the sand and we wandered in the surf, looking in the tide pools.  Very relaxing!

Well, it took me long enough to finish this post!  Only a few months later…ha!


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