Potatoes of Wisdom

Welcome to my newest venture on my blog in which I attempt to share my vast accumulation of knowledge from my 29+ years of life on this great planet.  Join me as I let you in to my world of housewifery tips, parenting secrets, and general life advice.  I am oh-so-qualified and I do hope you can learn much from my insights. (She says tongue-in-cheek:-)

First up:

Today’s lesson, children, is one that is dear to my heart.  As a pet-owner and a purchaser of candy, I felt the desire, no, the need, to share this latest pearl potato  with you.  Repeat after me:

Even if it is covered in sugar, it is never a good idea to eat dog poo.

Strangely enough, this is not an obvious, naturally-occurring thought in my kids’ minds.  It may have never crossed your children’s minds, either.  So practice this mantra with your family and you can thank me later!




Potatoes of Wisdom: Sharing my infinite knowledge with you

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