{7QuickTakes} Weekly mishmash, Vol. 3

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I’ve been a bum this week (as far as writing goes…)!  I have like half a million topics spinning around in my brain to write about but every time I sit down to write I am thwarted in my attempts because the kids descend upon my office like the Great Horde.  So, trying to take a deep breath and acknowledge that the kiddos are a higher priority than my humble attempts at writing right now, but hoping I can eventually make more of a use of naptime/Paw Patrol/Daddy in the future to get some kind of better time and writing management going on.


Teething. Is. The. Pits.  Totally forgot about molars.  And then they arrive, resplendent with hours upon hours of crying and mommy-clinging and snotty noses.  I will be very very thankful when they finally erupt and I can forge ahead with a lower decibel of noise in the house.


That same poor little lady who is teething is also finally walking!  Yay!  My kids have always been lazy about taking their first steps but this one has been the slowest by far.  She will be 15 months next week and just now decided she was ready to actually take the biped plunge.  Hubby apparently walked at 9 months, and is Just Appalled that all of his children took after their mother and did not walk until after a year.  I say it is just that they wanted to be absolutely sure they felt up to the task before walking.  None of this infant, falling-down and wobbling stuff for them.  No, they wanted to be Confident when taking their first steps!  Or they were just lazy.  Either way we are proud of Baby “Evvie”.


Oh my goodness.  When Bellie got this ant habitat for her birthday, I had no idea that it would provide so many hours of fascination for my kiddos.  These ants are way fun to watch.  This picture was taken the day after we dumped the ants in their habitat, but now, almost a week in, they have made several loopy tunnels and the first thing my kids do when they wake up is check on the ants.  I, too, am strangely intrigued by this tiny ant colony.  It is relaxing to just watch those little ants tunneling away.  Let me tell you, I think perhaps the adult coloring book trend could be followed by adult scientific ant colony kits?  Other than the fact I am worried that one of the children might think it fun to take the lid off and free the ants from communism (Spike, I’m looking at you!), I think the meditation-inducing observation could be a really good thing for blood pressure.


Ants. They are the coolest thing evah.



This is a pic of nylon baling twine.  It is in the back of Hubby’s pickup, prepared to go to the dump.  This is only the tippy-tip-top of the iceberg of the amount of this stuff buried underneath our yard.  Apparently the Ranch is on top of an old pasture/farm yard where the cows/horse/alpacas were fed an abundance of baled hay, and the remaining twine was just left there and then, presumably, covered up with dirt?  Tilled in?  I don’t know…I just want to spread the word, folks, that THIS STUFF IS NOT BIODEGRADABLE.  Every time we dig in our yard, we pull up heaps of this garbage.  When we were moving trees last week, the tree spade dug in a particular area and brought up a mound of twine.  Not dirt!  Ugh.  I never would have thought we were on a Superfund site for baling twine!


Spike is extremely interested in astronomy.  I blame it on PBS’s new kids’ show Ready Jet Go!.  He is waaaaaaay interested in planets (and demi-planets), especially.  We got a book from the library about Pluto and lately, he is talking about wanting a telescope so he can see Pluto.  I learned (courtesy of this children’s science book) that Pluto is so far away even the strongest telescopes on earth can’t get decent images of it, but just last year, a special satellite called New Horizons sent back really really clear photos of Pluto.  Poor Pluto, the redheaded stepchild of the planets.  Maybe someday they will let him back into the planet club.


“Pluto? Where are you, boy?” Spike with his “telescopes”


I was inspired last year by Gretchen Rubin’s book Happier at Home and this year I’ve been attempting to do my own “Happiness Project” by focusing on certain areas monthly.  January was organization and time-management, February – relationships, March – money and financial health, and April is “Physical Health and Stress Management”.  I guess I anticipated that I would be working out and doing yoga and meditating every day.  But…so far…it has been stretching in the morning and attempting to drink more water. Yeah.  That is about all I can fit in right now.  I would love to be training for a marathon or really working on toning my flab, but honestly, the thought of exercise doesn’t even cross my mind during the day except when I fall, exhausted into bed and then think, “dang!  I was going to walk on the treadmill today.”  It is not for lack of motivation.  I just forget!  But then I think, I am probably burning calories by running around after my family all day so that should count, right?  I will keep you posted on my Happiness journey.

Have a blessed week!!


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