First post: wine, birthdays and cult classic tv

So, it should probably be said I have had a few glasses of Cabernet. But it is Thri-day (a.k.a Friday-on-a-Thursday around here, with much of our engineer population off on Fridays.) Hubby is watching Twin Peaks on Netflix. The 1990s version. I can’t help but recognize the soundtrack from one of my high-school-era Pier One meditation music CDs. And is that Kyle McLaughlin? He looks so young.

Anyhow, I have been meaning to get back to blogging for a while now. I started one several years ago but it really didn’t take off because… children. We’ll see if I am more up to the task this present moment. I have always loved to write but get distracted easily. My lovely sister and sister-in-law have inspired me to start blogging again.

This weekend is my oldest daughter’s birthday – and subsequent party. She is so excited. I absolutely adore this gorgeous girl, but she is so different in personality from me. For one thing, she is completely and utterly an extrovert. I took one of those personality tests ages ago and forget the alphabet soup-type label they awarded me with at the end but I am most certainly not an extrovert. Oldest Daughter wanted to invite her whole class to her birthday party. I, on the other hand, feel awkward about getting RSVP texts from parents I don’t know. She wants to have play dates with Ella and Mackenzie and Lily and Morgan and Madison and Lindy and Annabelle every single day of the week and I want to ignore the texts from their mothers and pretend we are on quarantine with pandemic flu. But I will try. Because it is her birthday. And you only turn six once. So I will be brave. And I will be pleasant. And I will be fun. I will not ruin my sweet well-liked daughter’s glory day. But I will most certainly blog later about how completely goofy I felt! Tune in for more…are you so excited?

OK, Downton Abbey. I am ever so sad. I almost cried at the finale. Literally, I really was not impressed with seasons 3, 4, and 5. (What the heck? The Bates couple are like piggy backing in prison. It’s like, jump, jump, jump.) But season six? It is tied up in a nice little beautiful bow. I love Lady Mary. She is so cold, yet so real. I wish I could be like her (see previous paragraph – how would Lady Mary respond to young George’s requests for his whole class to attend his birthday party? Probably not as ninny-ish as I.)

Update: Tuesday, March 15, 2016: Made it through the party! It was actually not so bad. About 13 little girls at our local art/children’s museum. They played. They made crafts. They ate cake. I chatted with their parents and the world didn’t end. And Oldest Daughter (heretofore known by the alias of “Bellie”) had an absolutely fabulous birthday weekend. I just love her. Pretty much every single day she goes to bed saying, “This was the best day EVER!” I pray that she will always be an optimist.

I am writing as hubby finishes watching the series one finale of Twin Peaks. The info page says that in this episode we will FINALLY DISCOVER WHO KILLED LAURA PALMER. All I know is that the creepy red-headed lady with the eye patch seems pretty darn suspicious to me. Of course, I haven’t really been watching, just eavesdropping from the next room. However, I am betting this conclusion is going to be EPIC.


A birthday party? I think I need to SCREAM!!!

Tune in next time for Netflix binge-watching updates, another edition of the best day ever, and possibly a chance to catch me slightly tipsy courtesy of Bota Box! Toodles.


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